Titanic in the News

Wednesday, April 24, 1912

42 of the Titanic's victims identified
Apr. 24, 1912, New York Times

Saw floating bodies
Apr. 24, 1912, St. Joseph (MO) News-Press

New horrors uncovered by Senate probe
Apr. 24, 1912, Spartanburg (SC) Herald

Ismay interfered with ship's crew
Apr. 24, 1912, St. Joseph (MO) News-Press

Officer cursed Ismay and ordered him out of boat
Apr. 24, 1912, Tacoma Times

First photographs of scenes connected with the Titanic disaster
Apr. 24, 1912, San Francisco Call

All might have been saved if passing ship had helped
Apr. 24, 1912, Prescott (AZ) Weekly Journal-Miner

Titanic 1912 Timeline of Events