Titanic in the News

Saturday, April 20, 1912

Dead number 1,635
Apr. 20, 1912, Milwaukee Journal

Fired into the air to check panic rush
Apr. 20, 1912, New York Times

Just manslaughter, cries London paper
Apr. 20, 1912, New York Times

Titanic inquiry shows steamer was being recklessly speeded
Apr. 20, 1912, Spokane Spokesman-Review

J. Bruce Ismay tells in whispers how he escaped death by leaving sinking Titanic in lifeboat with women
Apr. 20, 1912, Richmond (VA) Times Dispatch

Senators tracing false reports Titanic passengers were safe
Apr. 20, 1912, New York Evening World

Titanic's speed 21 to 23 knots, evidence shows; stories of heroism
Apr. 20, 1912, New York Tribune

Aid was rejected
Apr. 20, 1912, Honolulu Evening Bulletin

Titanic 1912 Timeline of Events