Titanic in the News

Monday, April 15, 1912

Latest news from the sinking ship
Apr. 15, 1912, New York Times

Allan liner Virginian now speeding toward the big ship
Apr. 15, 1912, New York Times

Taking passengers from the Titanic
Apr. 15, 1912, Pittsburg Press

Titanic's danger over
Apr. 15, 1912, Boston Evening Transcript

Titanic passengers are saved -- ship thought doomed
Apr. 15, 1912, Daily Oxnard (CA) Courier

Liner Titanic is afloat and on way to Halifax
Apr. 15, 1912, Providence Evening News

Liners take off passengers; Titanic is reported sinking
Apr. 15, 1912, New York Evening World

Passengers from the Titanic rescued
Apr. 15, 1912, Ogden City (UT) Evening Standard

Titanic 1912 Timeline of Events