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1985 Expedition to Locate the Titanic

1996 Salvage Operation

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Albert Caldwell Remembers the Titanic Disaster
Audio Recording / Podcast

1957 Interviews with Titanic Survivors from BBC Archive
Video on

Secrets of the Titanic
From Snag Films and National Geographic

Survivors of the Titanic
Survivors tell their stories, from the BBC Archive

Books Published Immediately Following the Disaster

By Survivors

The loss of the S.S. Titanic by Lawrence Beesley

The truth about the Titanic by Archibald Gracie

By Government Agencies

Loss of the Steamship "Titanic" British Government Report

"Titanic Disaster" U.S. Senate Hearing

By Other Authors

Sinking of the Titanic and Great Sea Disasters edited by Logan Marshall

Titanic by Filson Young

An unsinkable Titanic by J. Bernard Walker

Novel Written Before the Titanic Sank

The wreck of the Titan, or Futility by Morgan Robertson
Written in 1898, this fictional work is about a ship named the Titan that struck an iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean and sank under circumstances similar to the Titanic.

Other Stories of Survivors

Chronologically by Date of Article

Titanic survivor faces death again
Apr. 15, 1913, New York Times - Survivor: Frank Karoun

Society woman wants to nurse soldiers
May 6, 1914, Chicago Day Book - Survivor: Margaret Brown

Mrs. Carter has divorce
May 30, 1914, New York Tribune - Survivors: Lucile Polk Carter and William Carter

Titanic survivor a bride
Oct. 27, 1914, Philadelphia Evening Public Ledger - Survivors: Eloise Hughes Smith and Robert W. Daniel

Titanic survivor dies from hunger
May 31, 1915, New York Tribune - Alleged Survivor whose name is not on any passenger list: Sadie Golden

Sobbing woman tells of Titanic's horrors
Jun. 25, 1915, New York Sun - Survivors: Lillian Renouf, John B. Thayer, and Marion Kenyon

Futrelle smoked as Titanic sank
Jun. 26, 1915, New York Tribune - Survivors: Karl Behr, Mrs. Jacques Futrelle, and Eugene Daly

Women kept from boats
Jun. 27, 1915, New York Sun - Survivor: William Mellors

Miss Ryerson to wed
Sept. 4, 1915, New York Sun - Survivor: Emily Ryerson

Dr. Rice, explorer, weds Mrs. Widener, survivor of Titanic
Oct. 6, 1915, New York Evening World - Survivor: Eleanor Elkins Widener

Germantown survivor of Titanic gets $8750
Jan. 28, 1916, Evening Public Ledger - Survivors: Charlotte Cardeza, Irene Harris, and Elizabeth Case

Mrs. Robert W. Daniel...
Aug. 28, 1916, Evening Public Ledger - Survivors: Eloise Hughes Smith Daniel, Philip Smith, and Robert Daniel

Many war orphans starving in Poland
May 3, 1917, Washington Times - Survivor: Charlotte Cardeza

Titanic Survivor to wed
Nov. 23, 1917, New York Tribune - Survivor: H. Bjornstrom-Steffenson

Carpathia is sunk by u-boat
Jul. 19, 1918, Washington Times - Carpathia was the ship that saved Titanic survivors from the sea

R. Norris Williams Weds
Jan. 13, 1919, Evening Public Ledger - Survivor: Richard Norris Williams

Answers charges in $75,000 suits
Feb. 25, 1920, New York Evening World - Survivor: Margaret Brown

Tablet is unveiled to William T. Stead
Jul. 6, 1921, New York Times - Passenger: William T. Stead

Woman believes she may be baby reported lost
Sept. 5, 1940, St. Petersburg Times - Passenger: Lorraine Allison

Clue to Titanic survivor rouses kin, friends here
Sept. 6, 1940, Milwaukee Journal - Passenger: Lorraine Allison

Titanic survivor thinks sinking ended security age
Jan. 7, 1959, Prescott Evening Courier - Survivor: Irene Harris

Survivor of Titanic recalls experiences
Apr. 15, 1972, Waycross Journal-Herald - Survivor: Edith Russell

Titanic survivor was only 8 when ship went down
Apr 15, 1977, Meriden Morning Record and Journal - Survivor: Marshall Drew

Titanic survivor remembers
Apr. 13, 1978, Reading Eagle - Survivor: Frank Goldsmith

For 'Titanic' survivor, a gift from sea
Dec. 21, 1993, St. Petersburg Times - Survivor: Edith Haisman

Obituaries of Survivors

Alphabetical by Last Name

Asplund, Lillian (2006)

Astor, Madeline (1940)

Blanchard, Ruth Becker (1990)

Cobb, Mortimer Howell (1986)

Crosby, Catherine (1920)

Dainton, Barbara West (2007)

Dean, Millvina (2009)

Drew, Marshall (1986)

Duff-Gordon, Lady (1935)

Frauenthal, Henry (1927)

Goldsmith, Frank (1982)

Gracie, Archibald (1912)

Haisman, Edith (1997)

Hart, Eva (1996)

Ismay, J. Bruce (1937)

Kroepfl, Louise (1979)

Lee, Reginald (1913)

Mackenzie, Edwina (1984)

McCann, Robert (1965)

Navratil, Michel (2001)

Pope, Louise Kink (1992)

Robb, Marjorie Newell (1992)

Russell, Edith (1975)

Ryerson, J.B. (1986)

Shuman, Eleanor (1998)

Spedden, Robert D. (1915)

Straube, Ann (1990)

Thomas, George (1991)

Van Tongerloo, Winnifred (2002)

Wellman, Mary Lines (1975)

1985 Expedition to Locate the Titanic

Chronologically by Date of Article

Titanic found, expedition says
Sept. 3, 1985, Ottawa Citizen

Titanic nearly in one piece
Sept. 4, 1985, Calgary Herald

Titanic Find
Sept. 4, 1985, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Titanic survived intact and upright: scientists
Sept. 4, 1985, Montreal Gazette

Luggage and wine bottles from the Titanic litter ocean floor
Sept. 5, 1985, Glasgow Herald

Photos from Titanic show an eerie wasteland
Sept. 6, 1985, Milwaukee Journal

1996 Salvage Operation

Chronologically by Date of Article

Line failure halts salvage of Titanic
Aug. 30, 1996, Deseret News

Effort to raise part of Titanic falters as sea keeps history
Aug. 31, 1996, New York Times

Wheels of fate cited as reason why aged Titanic returned to ocean floor
Sept. 2, 1996, The Day (New London, CT)