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Technical Support


Information for contacting the DALNET staff or Board Members is on the Contact Us page.

Any updates to contact information should be sent to

  Communication about Downtime

DALNET uses the Alma and Primo systems hosted by Ex Libris. Members should visit the Ex Libris System Status page to check if systems Alma NA01 or Primo NA01 are unexpectedly down.

To subscribe to the Alma NA01 and Primo NA01 system notification lists visit the Ex Libris System Status page.

DALNET uses the electronic discussion list to announce all planned downtime. We encourage you to have several people at your site subscribe to this list to ensure that you receive important postings.

Please visit the DALNET list page to subscribe.

  Emergency Situations and Systems Connectivity Problems

Prior to reporting a problem, please verify that you have a connection to the Internet. Try using a browser to go to a web site outside your organization. If this connection does NOT work, you have an internal network problem and the DALNET staff cannot help you. Also please try shutting down the problematic computer workstation and then restarting it. If the problem still exists, please open a Salesforce case with Ex Libris.

  Reporting a Non-emergency Technical Problem

If you are experiencing a problem or need help with any DALNET Systems please submit an Issue to the DALNET FootPrints Trouble Reporting System.

The FootPrints trouble reporting system is accessible to all Project Managers, as well as staff at all member institutions in accordance with local policies. If you do not know your FootPrints login information, please see "Password Assistance" below. Alternatively, a case can be opened by any member by emailing the DALNET Office.

Once a FootPrints request is received, DALNET staff persons assigned to the issue will investigate the problem and respond. When appropriate, solutions to issues will be logged to the DALNET FootPrints Knowledge Base, so the information can be shared with all of our members. A descriptive subject in the title of each issue will be helpful. Please limit each issue to one subject to facilitate distinct solutions. When logging issues, state the problem and include specific information and examples where relevant. Additional information such as screen-prints, or log files can be attached to issues. DALNET staff will respond to issues as soon as they are able to do so.

  Escalation Procedures

If a problem is not being resolved in a timely manner, please update your open case, or contact Cathy Wolford at or 313.577.3316.

  Password Assistance

For password assistance, you may submit an Issue to the DALNET FootPrints Help Desk or contact the DALNET Office by email for more immediate assistance during office hours.