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The Finding Aid documents listed here (downloadable in PDF format) serve as guides to a portion of the collections held by the Benson Ford Research Center. Each finding aid provides a written description of the archival collection and typically includes the following: an overview of the collection and the material in it; information about its acquisition and use of the material; biographical or historical notes to place the collection in context; and an inventory that provides a folder, and in some cases an item, listing of the contents.

For additional information about the finding aids or our collections email the Benson Ford Research Center at research.center@thehenryford.org, or use our website contact page.

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1893 World's Columbian Exposition Publications Collection, 1893
1957 Ford Model 51A Testing and Development Records, 1953-1957 (bulk 1955-1956)


A. B. Dick Company Records, 1884-1998
A. J. Kloha records, 1955
A. M. Wibel Office papers subseries, 1903-1943
A. R. Welch papers, 1880-1913
A.V.M. Voting Machine Documents, 1965-2004 (bulk 1980-2004)
Air Pollution Study subseries, 1961
Alvin A. Dunivent photographs and papers, 1904-1959
Alex Y. Malcomson scrapbook and clippings, 1903-1923
Alexis De Sakhnoffsky papers, 1901-1964 (bulk 1930-1955)
Almena Gray Wilde Collection, 1939-1949
Amberg Filing System series, 1930-1949
American Road marketing and publicity photographs series, 1903-1964 (bulk 1920-1950)
Andrew "bunnie" Huang "Hacked Xbox" Collection, 2001-2006
Ann Hood papers, 1940
Archives Reports subseries, 1958
Arthur Breuninger Papers, 1934-1937
Arthur M. Brown Papers, circa 1941-1945
Arthur T. Hopkins Papers, 1925-1936
Assembly Operations Manuals collection, 1959-1988
Audio Speeches series, 1938-1943
Augustus Degener papers, 1905-1926
Augustus Post papers, 1928-1944
Automobile Plant Construction Photographs, 1918, 1940-1941
Automobiles...Everybody's Transportation manuscript, circa 1956
Automotive (Non-Ford) Advertisements collection, circa 1900-circa 1991
Automotive Price Books Collection, 1930-2017
Automotive Related Programs collection, 1896-1991


Bailey Controls Collection, circa 1992
Barbara Baetz Shafer Papers, 1958-1965
Barry Taylor Racing Photographs, 1979-1993
Ben Franklin Store Collection, 1947-1989
Ben R. Donaldson papers, 1950-1955
Better Homes & Gardens Five-Star Home Plan Collection, 1951
Bill Stumpf Papers, 1913-2006 (bulk 1962-2006)
Blair Nelson collection on "Lucky" Lee Lott, 1958-1990
Black Rock Foundry records, 1829-1839
Bobby Unser papers, 1930-2009
Boyne City, Gaylord and Alpena Railroad Company records, circa 1901-1975
Bruce Licher Letterpress Print Portfolio, circa 1990-2017
Burt L. Burley papers, 1970-1978
Business and Personal Correspondence series and Addendum series, 1920


C. E. Wagner papers, 1901-1941
C. Harold Wills papers, 1899-1939
Cadillac Business Planning Records, circa 1989-1991
Carl (Charles) Cappel Papers, 1920-1970 (bulk 1930-1950)
Carl Edvard Johansson records, 1916-1927
Carol Giacoletto Papers, 1956-1961
Champion Spark Plug Co., Ceramics Division Records, 1922-1946
Charles C. La Croix records, 1941-1956
Charles H. Carroll Papers, 1947-1955
Charles Hyde Chrysler Corporate History Research Papers, circa 1995-2003
Charles Mauch papers, 1948-1995
Charles P. Steinmetz papers, 1853-1921
Children's Letters to Santa Claus, 1985
Chronological Information Files subseries, 1863-1958 (bulk 1950-1956)
Clara Ford Estate records series, 1947-1955
Claude E. Ford papers, 1860-1965 (bulk 1930-1965)
Cogswell Brothers General Store records, 1882-1891
Collected Research Papers subgroup, 1935-1976
Collection on Barney Oldfield, 1895-1949
Collection on Frank Johnson, 1904-1957
Columbus Dispatch Children's Promotions Photograph Album, 1936
Comet Automobile Company records, 1918-1920
Commercial Airplane Reliability collection,1925-1927
Companhia Ford Industrial Do Brasil Records, 1926-1946
Connie Blomen Vice Presidential Campaign Collection, 1976-1977
Curt Flood Collection, 1939-1997


Dan Rubin automotive photographs, 1952-1997
DARPA Urban Challenge Collection, 2007
Data Processing Equipment records, 1956-1968
Dave Friedman collection, 1946-2009
David Lewis papers, 1940-2003
Davis Family Photographs, 1900-1969
Dealer Sales Training audio-visual collection, 1930-1957
Dearborn Independent Aaron Sapiro V. Henry Ford lawsuit collection, 1919-1929
Dearborn Independent Financial Records, 1920-1921
Dearborn Independent Graphic Files, 1922-1926
Dearborn Independent records, 1919-1928
Delphi Delco Records, 1911-1955
Detroit Publishing Company collection, 1880-1936
Detroit, Toledo, and Ironton Railroad Photographs subseries, 1922-1923
Detroit University School Yearbook "Helicon" Collection, 1906-1935
Disbursing Vouchers subseries, 1912-1952 and Statements series, 1918-1950
Dodge Brothers Collection, 1904-1920
Donald Sullivan Collection, circa 1880-1920


E. A. Walters papers, 1901-1944
E. D. Sculley Collection, circa 1880-1960
E. H. Lockwood Automobile Testing records, 1887-1940
E. M. Anderson records, 1929-1953
E-M-F, Flanders, and Studebaker photographs, circa 1910-1914
E. Paul du Pont papers, 1917-1972
Earl Newberry papers, 1921-1965
Edsel B. Ford office papers, 1903-1945 (bulk 1920-1940)
Edsel B. Ford office papers overview
Edsel B. Ford scrapbook, 1943
Edsel Ford Audit Papers subseries, 1941-1942
Edsel Ford Automotive Scrapbook, 1911-1925
Edsel Ford in Memoriam subseries, 1943
Edward A. Eppich Ford Memorabilia Collection, circa 1940-1958
Edward Allor Papers, 1913-1921
Edward S. Huff Records Subseries, 1906-1933
Edward Schlee and William Brock collection, 1923-1964
Edwin H. Porter Papers, 1862-1869
Egmont Arens Food Packaging Design Collection, 1935-1957
Elwood Paul Engel papers, 1942-1986
Emery L. Applegate records, 1923-1962
Engineering Data collection, 1948-1958
Engineering Library Vertical File for Henry Ford collection, 1870-1945 (bulk 1935-1944)
Enrico Fermi Atomic Power Plant records, 1952-1975
Eva Tanguay papers, 1892-1947
Evdokin Bartoshuk Papers, 1913-1958
Executive Records subgroup, 1946-1952


Facilities Department records, 1949-1976
Fair Lane Business Car Collection, 1921-1986
Fair Lane papers subgroup, 1835-1950
Faught Family Records, circa 1865-1960
Fayette and Karl Kendrick collection, 1913-1932
Fiftieth Anniversary Tributes subseries, 1953
Firestone Family papers, 1804-1991
Firestone Homestead Test Center Collection, 1946-1973
Five Dollar Day collection, 1909-1919
Fletcher N. Platt papers, 1951-2004
Florence Monaghan papers, 1925-1966
Ford and Model T songs collection, 1910-1939
Ford Aircraft Literature, Blueprints, and Photographs, 1938-1945
Ford Aviation Activities Records subseries, 1925-1931
Ford Biographical Vertical File, 1939-2005
Ford Farms, Pequaming, and Fair Lane, 1914-1935
Ford Foundation collection, 1936-1969
Ford Foundation Subject File records, 1947-1977
Ford Foundation subseries, 1956
Ford Good Drivers' League subseries, 1940-1942
Ford Hydro-Electric Company records, 1917-1952
Ford International executive newsletters, 1950-1956
Ford Investment Plan subseries, 1966
Ford Listens records, 1970-1976
Ford Marketing Pre-Publication collection, 1974
Ford Motor Company 1949 Ford Introduction Scrapbook, 1948
Ford Motor Company 1962 Mustang Roadster Engineering Drawings, 1962
Ford Motor Company Advertising Research Records, 1974-1977
Ford Motor Company B-24 Flight Test Records, 1943-1945
Ford Motor Company Central Accounting Office Ledgers, 1904-1970
Ford Motor Company Fiftieth Anniversary records, 1947-1952
Ford Motor Company Fiftieth Anniversary reports, 1953
Ford Motor Company Henry Ford Patent Records, 1923-1964
Ford Motor Company Highland Park Plant Controller Records, 1946-1948
Ford Motor Company Income Tax Records, 1909-1925
Ford Motor Company Iron Mountain Plant records, 1950-1951
Ford Motor Company Legal Records, 1912-1931
Ford Motor Company, Ltd. collection, 1903-1990
Ford Motor Company Ltd. records subseries 1929-1935
Ford Motor Company Ltd. Reports on Turin Motor Show, 1952-1953
Ford Motor Company Measurement Poster Collection, circa 1960
Ford Motor Company Northern Michigan Operations records, 1920-1954
Ford Motor Company production reports, 1919-1952
Ford Motor Company Property records collection, 1920-1971
Ford Motor Company property records, 1922-1978
Ford Motor Company Quick Reference Chart, circa 1947
Ford Motor Company Southeastern Michigan Atlases Collection, 1904-1950
Ford Motor Company Styling Studios Show Car Review Records, 1956
Ford Motor Company Technical Service publications collection, 1919-1996
Ford Motor Company tokens, coins, medallions, and badges collection, 1915-2001
Ford Motor Company Vehicle Production Records, 1938-1948
Ford Motorsports records, 1957-1968
Ford R. Bryan papers, 1935-2004
Ford Rotunda Lantern Slides series, 1948-1962
Ford Tractor and Implement Literature collection, 1917-1986
Ford Tri-Motor Homecoming records, 1955-1958
Frank A. Bianchi Papers, 1948-1953
Frank C. Riecks Photograph Album, 1932
Frank Campsall records series, 1887-1991 (bulk 1920-1935)
Frank Ernest Hill papers, 1950-1966
Frank Hadas papers, 1905-1924
Frank Vivian papers, 1907-1950
Fred J. Thoms papers, circa 1910-1952
Fred L. Black “Century of Progress” Photograph Album, 1933-1934
Fred Lee Black records series, 1929-1948
Frederick E. Searle papers, 1919-1947
Frederick Strauss papers, 1902-1949
Frerer Family Photographs, 1952
Fruehauf Trailer Company Records, 1931-1969


Gary Motor Truck Company records, 1916-1918
Gaston Plantiff papers, 1905-1931
General Motors Proving Ground records, 1955-1969
General Personal Records series, 1823-1984 (bulk 1920-1947)
General Photographs series, 1913-1954
George B. Heliker papers, circa 1957
George E. Adams Papers, 1938-1945
Georgia Boyer Hobart papers, 1887-1976
Given Ankeny Brewer papers, 1942-1943
Gloria Rich Hendricks Papers, 1940-1941
Goltry Family Papers, 1935-2002 (bulk 1935-1946)
Greenfield Village Buildings Records Collection, circa 1854-ongoing


H.J. Heinz Company Collection, 1874-1990 (bulk 1900-1935)
Hamid Durmisevich papers, 1930-1995
Harriet Pearson Steinke genealogy collection, 1819-1938
Harry Brooks Sympathy Acknowledgement Card, 1928
Haskell Boat Company Collection, 1922-1993
Henry and Clara Ford Financial Records series, 1912-1946 (bulk 1919-1942)
Henry and Clara Ford Memorials subseries, 1947,1950
Henry and Edsel Ford quotations collection, 1919-1944
Henry Austin Clark, Jr. papers, 1852-1990 (Bulk 1895-1979)
Henry Austin Clark, Jr. Photograph collection, 1853-1988
Henry Ford and Ford Family papers overview
Henry Ford Centennial subseries, 1963
Henry Ford Fair Lane Office Records series, 1895-1951
Henry Ford Farms records, 1909-1950
Henry Ford Hospital publications collection, 1925-1990
Henry Ford II and Cristina Ford Australia, Southeast Asia and East Asia Trip Photographs, 1971
Henry Ford II Awards and Tributes collection, 1943-1987 (bulk 1952-1959)
Henry Ford II Clippings series, 1987
Henry Ford II European Trip collection, 1948
Henry Ford II European Trip records, 1954
Henry Ford II World Center and Michigan Proving Ground Photographs, circa 1955
Henry Ford imprints and reprints collection, 1850-1950
Henry Ford In Repose Photographs, 1947
Henry Haga papers, 1951-1988
Henry Johnson Papers, circa 1950-1960
Herbert Morton papers, 1929-1951
Herman Miller collection, 1923-2006
Hewlett Packard 95 LX Manuals, 1991
Highland Park Plant Hourly Personnel Department records series, 1942-1948
"Highlights and Lowlights" Newsletters, 2005-2011
Holton W. Diamond papers, 1933-1971
Howard Family papers, 1841-1901
Howard G. Allaway collection, 1953
Howard Woodworth Simpson papers, 1919-1956


In-house Name File with Subjects Filing System series, 1950-1952
In-house Subject and Name Filing System series, January - June, 1921
Industrial Arts Awards Records subseries, 1949-1962
Installation Manuals collection, 1951-1978
International Division Purchasing Office records, 1947-1962
Interviews for “Ford, The Men and the Machine”, 1984-1986
Irving Caesar papers, 1915-1974
Irving R. Bacon papers, 1913-1957 (bulk 1929-1945)
Irving R. Bacon Scrapbook, 1919


J. Jordan Humberstone Birth Announcement, 1929
J. Jordan Humberstone Papers, 1929-1945
J. W. Whitmore papers, 1926-1942
Jacque Passino Collection on Auto Racing Race Day Ephemera, 1962-1972
Jam Handy Filmstrip Collection, circa 1940-1970
James and Ann Bradbury Ford Motor Company Plant Photographs, circa 1930-1973
James Drake Photographs, circa 1967
James E. Lewis, Sr., Road Maps Collection, 1952-2002 (bulk 1960-1980)
James H. Burris Papers, 1861-1890
James Humberstone papers, 1916-1952 (bulk 1928-1936)
James Maxfield Papers, 1896
James Snitgen collection, 1936-1940
Jan Kamienski Papers, 1922-1966
"Japan Expedition Press" Broadside Collection, 1854
Jenny Young Chandler Photographs collection, 1890-1915
Jens Jensen Drawings series, 1914-1924
Jim Johnson Halloween Research Collection, circa 1840-1960 (bulk 1910-1939)
Jimmy Rooney papers, 1919-1956
John Arnold Conde papers, 1937-1948
John Burroughs papers, 1854-1915
John Clark racing photographs, 1994-2000
John F. Dodge Estate Trust Lawsuit, 1902-1928
John F. Kennedy Assassination Teletype Messages, 1963
John J. Long papers, 1919-1920
John M. Reinhart papers, 1965-1972
John Margolies Roadside America transparencies, 1973-2005
John Tjaarda papers, 1916-1962
John Warren Watson Duesenberg and Stabilator Collection, 1904-1941
Joseph C. Beh, Sr. papers, 1915-1928
Joseph C. Groff Papers, 1925-1927
Joseph Galamb papers, 1907-1919
Joseph Grenier Packard Photographs, 1949-1955
Joseph Junget Collection, 1913-1940
Josephine H. Dibble Murphy papers, 1907-1961
Kathryn Emerson and Dr. James C. Buntin Papers
Ken Wallace, Sr. Photograph Collection, circa 1890-1953
Kirby Vacuum Collection, 1914-1995 (bulk 1990-1995)


L.A. Weis Collection, 1950-1977
Lancaster Motor Company Records, circa 1915-1955
Larry Lankton (Assistant Curator) Records, 1973-1974
Laura McGuire Millennium Collection, 2000
Laurence S. Sheldrick papers, 1932-1948
Lawrence E. Bachman Home Movies, circa 1955-1965
L.D. Haggerty & Son Records, 1903-1907
Lelia Mildred Gibson Photograph Album, 1919-1921
Leonard B. Willeke collection, 1916-1982 (bulk 1916-1924)
Lester Moore papers, 1933-1934
Lewis W. Simpson papers, 1918-1944
L.F. Donnell Automobile Dealership Records, circa 1913-1943
Liberty Mutual Insurance Company records, 1952-1993
Library Bureau Filing System series, July 1921-1929
Lillian Klinert Scrapbook on Henry Ford, 1947
Lincoln Continental Design Development Photographs, 1958-1961
Lincoln Memorial University records series, 1925-1933
Lincoln V-12 Sales Letters records, 1932
Loranger family papers, 1818-1931
Lucas Family Papers, 1997-2010
Lyn St. James Papers, 1980-2010


Macintosh 512k Personal Computer Materials, 1984-1988
Mack Truck Photograph Collection, 1905-1947
Margaret Jane Barton Collection, circa 1970-1985
Marshall B. Johnson papers, 1920-1987
Martha-Mary Wedding Photographs subseries, 1940-circa 1945
Marvin Buckberry papers, 1944-1949
Max Bruehl Papers, circa 1960
Mel Boldt and Associates records, 1950-1989
Merle N. Dolph Papers, 1908-circa 1930
Michigan Bell Telephone Company Manuals, 1934-1957
Michigan Inspection Bureau records, 1890-1964
Military Vehicles Service Manuals, 1940-1945
Mills, Edmunds and Nevins and Hill series, 1948-1977 (bulk 1950-1964)
Miscellaneous Ford Motor Company blueprints and drawings collection, 1906-1951
Model T part specification and machine operation sheets, 1915-1916
Morgan L. Gies Presidential Vehicle Photographs collection, 1939-1966
Motorette Product Literature Scrapbook, circa 1910-1911


National Labor Relations Board Cases and Statements records series, 1940-1941
National Recovery Administration records subseries, 1933-1937
Neil Simmons Justowriter Collection, circa 1975-1980
Nevin L. Bean papers, 1955
Nevins and Hill Interviews series, 1952-1960
New England Pie Company records, 1923-1924
New York World's Fair (1939-1940) photograph albums, 1939-1940
Norman L. Woodry papers, 1916-1919
Northern Michigan Operations Photographs, 1920-1951
Northern Michigan timber and land survey records, 1920-1953
Nurseryman's Specimen Books, circa 1885


Ocean to Ocean Race Re-enactment subseries, 1959
"Of Shadows and Kings" Motion Picture, 1962
Office of Clara Ford records series, 1920-1950
Office of Henry Ford and Clara Ford Estate records series, 1832-1955 (bulk 1918-1951)
Office of the Treasurer records subseries, 1903-1932
Official Telegram file records, 1938-1948
O.H. Husen records, 1924-1934
Orville L. Willard papers, 1920-1932
Owen W. Bombard Interviews series, 1951-1961
Packard Master Salesmanship Program Filmstrips, circa 1948
Packard Motor Car Company Building Drawings, 1904-1959
Palmer-Ward-De Vine Family Papers, circa 1859-1968
Pantera production records, 1973-1974
P.E. Martin papers, 1880-1943 (bulk 1921-1942)
Peggy Hoyt Collection, 1922-1938
Phil Harms Collection, 1896-2003
Philco-Ford Corporation publications collection, 1940-1969
Philip Caldwell papers, 1980-1984
Philip Van Doren Stern papers, 1954-1955
Philippe Halsman photographs, circa 1964-1969
Phoenixville Post Office Collection, circa 1856-1941
Photographic Library (Earle Harger) records series, 1938-1971
Photographic Vertical File series, 1860-1980 (bulk 1890-1955)
Photographs for Ford News Bureau album series, circa 1946-1948
Photographs Formerly on Exhibit in Wright Cycle Shop, 1908-1909
Pillo-Kleen Service Collection, circa 1950-1960
P.J. Gaughan collection, 1952-1967
PJ-31-1 Intermittent Jet Engine records, 1945-1946
Plant Engineering Construction photographs series, 1913-1953
Plant Histories Background subseries, 1933-1961
Property records, 1934-1944
Public Reactions to Auto Contract Negotiations survey, 1961
Publications series, 1953-1964
Purchasing Agents records subgroup, 1911-1953


Racing Photographs collection, 1920-1988
Ralph Gregory Papers, 1963-1985
Raymond H. Berry papers, 1904-1940 (bulk 1921-1935)
Raymond H. Laird collection, 1776-1950
Raymond Loewy Collection, 1956-1974
Reconsolidation of foreign operations records, 1946-1955
Records Moved to Engineering Laboratory in 1919 series, 1911-1927, and Non-Automotive Interests and Activities Records series, 1916-1929
Records Stored in 1919 series, 1902-1923
Remittances, Henry Ford Office subseries, 1941-1946
Renovated Assembly Plants photographs series, 1920-1951 (bulk 1930-1950)
Reports of Management Meetings, 1947-1954
Research Center Archive Vertical File, circa 1929-2018
Research Center Bookplate Collection, circa 1890-1910
Research Center Drag Racing Photographs Collection, 1955-1963
Research Center Museum Vertical File, circa 1750-ongoing
Research Center New and Unprocessed Archival Accessions, April 2020
Research Center Recipe Booklet Collection, 1852-2006
Richard J.S. Gutman Diner Collection, circa 1890-2019
Richmond Hill Plantation Photograph Albums, circa 1947
Richmond Hill Plantation records, 1773-1954
Robert A. Shaw papers, 1924-1951
Robert Propst Papers, 1952-1998
Robert Rankin papers, 1940-1947
Robert Stuart Abbott papers, 1909-1982
Robert W.A. Brewer Papers, 1860-1940
Rosika Schwimmer collection, 1927
Ruddiman Family papers, 1933-1951
Ruth and Wolfgang Meyer Elfrieda Collection, 1922-1926


Saturn Corporation EV1 Manuals, 1997
Selden patent lawsuit collection, 1891-1955 (bulk 1900-1925)
Ships Salvage Program Records subseries, 1925-1931
Sidney Olson American Road Manuscript, circa 1953-1963
Sidney Olson Public Relations Project Files, 1960
Sidney Olson Research Notes on Henry Ford, circa 1952-1953
Sidney Olson "The Peaceful Revolution" Manuscripts, 1957
Somers Family Papers, 1870-1977 (bulk 1910-1970)
Somerset, Michigan, Schools and Tinsmith Account Books, 1837-1911
Soybean Plant records, 1939-1946
Stanley R. Topel Audio-Visual Education Collection, circa 1960-1995
Stella G. Slonina Photograph Album, 1933-1949
Stickley Family collection, 1879-1978
Subject Information Files subseries, 1863-1958 (bulk 1950-1956)
Suzanne Vanderbilt papers, 1958-1986


"The American Cowboy" Film Collection, circa 1956-1959
Theodore Delavigne papers, 1915-1916
Thomas A. Edison collection, 1860-1980 (bulk 1860-1950)
Toaster Museum Collection, circa 1900-2000
Tom Lilley papers, 1939-1964
Topical Albums for Henry Ford series, 1918-1930
Topical photographic prints in binders series, circa 1903-1960
Tucker Automobile Photographs Collection, 1946-1963


Valentine Y. Tallberg Records subseries, 1944-1949
Victor J. Perini papers, 1918-1931
Viggo J. Thomsen photographs, 1925-1935
Virgil M. Exner papers, 1913-1986


W. Dorwin Teague papers, 1937-2001 (Bulk 1960-1999)
W. L. Reeves Blakeley Records, 1925-1928
Wabash Railroad Travel Literature collection, 1906-1959
Wally Triplett Collection, 1949-2004
Walter J. Bemb papers, 1901-1929
Ward Farms Records, 1954-1997
Warren Homer Martin papers, 1928-1939
Water Power and Real Estate Records series, 1918-1945
Wayside Inn records series, 1890-1945
William A. (Radio Jake) Jacoby Scrapbook Collection, 1918-1938
William C. Klann papers, 1918-1926
William Clay Ford 1958 Brussels, Belgium, Trip Photographs, 1958
William Clay Ford Edison Institute records, 1950-1981
William Clay Ford records, 1913-1981
William Holmes McGuffey collection, 1836-1894
William J. Zechel Papers, 1937-1974
William K. Bondesen Collection, 1962
William M. Schmidt papers, 1950-1962
William W. Carswell papers, 1919-1926
Willis Franklyn Ward papers, 1941-1955
Willow Run Bomber Plant Manual, 1943-1944
Winthrop Sears Records series, 1952-1974
Winton Motor Carriage Company records, 1897-1928
Wise Family Papers, circa 1875-1955
World's Fair Photographs series, 1933-1964
Wright Brothers collection, 1867-2006 (bulk 1903-1956)
Zinn's Diner Collection, 1970-1995

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